Sunday, March 10, 2013

Really funny?

First confession: there are few things, which I find so serious that there is no room for laughter. Even though I consider myself to have pretty good sense of humor, bullying is one issue in which I don't see anything funny. My lack of humor might come as a surprise to my friends, but as I get older I have learned to warn people early enough of this.

Few years ago I woke up and started to think more, what I did find funny and when I did laugh without thinking, what I was laughing about. I realized, that I automatically laughed issues which really weren't funny at all. For example in Facebook rotates many pictures about gender roles, which really are stereotypical and not true at all. So now I have a social media strategy and it's core is kindness. I don't just share things without thinking first, if I really can be proud of the stuff I share.

Humor and laughter are very important things to us. They make life so much easier. But "humor" is also easy way to undermine important and difficult things. With humor it's sometimes too easy to undermine people. It's important to reflect how you use humor and to what kind of things/issues you laugh at.

If you look my streams in Facebook and Twitter, you probably find, that I am not the master of avoiding destructive humor. But I try to be better each day. :-)

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