Thursday, January 24, 2013

Change = learning - learning = change ?

As I was walking in a lovely winter weather, two thoughts started to circle in my mind. First one is about management. We are trying to manage change, creativity and conflicts. If you made a search in google, you wound probably find infinite number of blogs and articles about those. But are we trying to manage wrong things? What if we tried to manage learning? What if we'll try to manage learning mindset? What if we'll try to support curiosity and try to inspire people to challenge themselves?

The second thought was, that maybe we really can't manage change, creativity, conflicts or learning. Maybe we should try to lead people to learn? We should create such environments, where we lead people to learn with our own example. What would it take to create such space?

What do you think?

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  1. Katri, thanks for introducing me to your blog. As you know I have done a lot of research for my MA on Leading & Sustaining Change with a focus on the impact of Coaching & Mentoring. Your comments and questions on Learning and Change I agree with. Without learning we will possibly have no change.

    I have recognised that life is a journey of 'becoming' where we continue to learn, and grow, and change - probably whether we plan to or not. However there are individuals who will always seek to maximise their learning opportunities. These individuals will usually seek out people with knowledge and experience that they desire to have and will seek to learn from them. This may be through informal observations or through coaching and mentoring relationships that are established (formal or informal).

    Those who learn most are those who know how to ask the best questions. This can be from the coach or the coachee's perspective.

    Good questions bring better answers which leads to increased learning. Please note that it is not from the number of questions where learning necessarily comes from but from the quality of the questions and the room for reflection.

    Change is constant and as you say, from change comes learning and through learning comes change.

    What will happen when we know everything? Will change cease? And will we have 'become'?

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