Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I have started a new project 48 days ago. I decided that I'm going to take one picture per day, picture that tells something of my day or where I have spent my day. So far it has been challenging as I have found out, that I normally move around in quite small area. In the same time I have noticed, that I see my world differently, when I look it through camera. Or I see more of the world.

I use Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 to take the pictures and to edit them. Sometimes I have wished, that I would have had a better camera, but after a thought, I like the challenge that my Samsung devices give to me. And I have learned to be merciful to myself, my pictures tell about my world and they are perfect in their own way.

If you are interested to see my pictures, you can see them in instagram.com/katrik2 . There a quite a few pictures already, the picture of the day 48 is http://instagram.com/p/R-oVT_kAB3/ .

The picture in this blog is special to me and tells you something about me. Those who follow me in Twitter or are my Facebook friends know, that I seldom use pictures of myself, not even as avatars. So if you are in Finland and see the combination from the picture, there is a high probability, that you are also looking at me. Feel free to come and say hello!

I have decided to go one step further with my project. I'm going to share the picture of the day also here in my blog and add a small story to each one. What kind of story, I have no idea yet. We'll see what happens tomorrow as the day 49 will be the first one with a story.

Wish me luck :-)!